Adult/Teen Tucson Capoeira Classes

This class is great for those looking for something outside of their normal gym routine. Capoeira is a great form of fitness and martial arts training that works not only your whole body, but also your mind.

Adult/Teen Capoeira Class Schedule

7:00PM - Adult/Teen Beginner Capoeira

7:00PM - Adult/Teen Mixed-Level Capoeira

11:00AM - Adult/Teen Mixed-Level Capoeira

7:00PM - Adult/Teen Mixed-Level Capoeira

11:00AM - Adult/Teen Mixed-Level Capoeira

12NOON - Adult/Teen Mixed-Level Capoeira (Roda)

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Capoeira is an excellent exercise for the body, involving all of the muscle groups to began quickly developing a series of physical qualities. While participating in capoeira, one rapidly begins to notice a more toned body, faster reflexes and increased power.

Capoeira greatly improves and develops the cardiovascular system. You began to have more endurance and energy. 

But capoeira in not only good for the body. Capoeira works with one’s emotions, providing a physical outlet to improve overall health. Capoeira develops the mastery of one’s body and mind, as well as one’s creativity.

The fundamental principles taught in capoeira include movement dialogue, the body’s intelligence, the ability to react, balance, as well as the notions of space, time, rhythm, music and an understanding of the philosophy of capoeira history.

Our classes prepare each student to learn at their own pace. Should you wish to go further than just basics, you should then aspire to begin progressing through the different levels of Capoeira.

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