Axé Capoeira Tucson at UA Passport to Dance Series


Axé Capoeira Tucson at STUDIO AXÉ is excited to partner with the University of Arizona Recreation Center and the Office of Global Initiatives to bring you the Passport to Dance event.

Join us at 7PM on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at the University Recreation Center - Room A for a capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance class.

University of Arizona students and faculty can take advantage of this FREE event to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new this semester with the Passport to Dance Series. Learn cultural dances from your peers; an excellent way to add fun physical activity into your day.

Students can get your passport stamped at all of the international dances to earn your chance at winning a prize! 

Visit for more information about the Passport to Dance Series and to register. 


Axé Capoeira is a premier capoeira, martial arts, music and dance organization with chapters in over 25 countries around the world. Axé Capoeira Tucson at Studio Axé is committed to promoting regular practice of capoeira to achieve health, fitness, and overall well-being in the community.

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