Axé Capoeira Leadership Promotions ~ Cultura Brasileira


The Cultura Brasileira Show was an amazing performance highlighting many traditional Afro-Brazilian dances with original choreography influenced by the Executive Director of Dance Choreography, Aurinha de Jesus. Live music was played by master musicians Marcos Da Silva (Mestre Barrão), CM Testa, Professor Tizoc, Professor Bambu, and Quetzal Guerrero, while dedicated dancers from around the United States showcased over 40 elaborate handmade costumes from JK Costume Design.  

At the conclusion of the Cultura Brasileira Show, Mestre Barrão promoted two leaders to begin the 6th Axé Capoeira Chicago Batizado & Troca de Corda. 

Professor Bambu was promoted to Professor 2˚ Amarela/Roxa.


Professor BAMBU

Instrutor Cabelo was promoted to Professor 1˚ Amarela.

Professor CABELO

Join us in celebrating their accomplishment. 


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