1st North-American Axé Capoeira Singing Competition | Vancouver B.C.

Sunday, July 30 2017 marked the conclusion of the annual Axé Capoeira Vancouver Batizado & Troca de Corda event. With special guests Mestre Barrão, Mestre Coreba, Mestre Matias and many others, the weekend was full of knowledgeable workshops and increased opportunity to participate in intense rodas.

For the last 5 years, the headquarters of Axé Capoeira in Vancouver has been home to one of the largest Brazilian festivals in North America. However, this year they presented the 1st North-American Axé Capoeira Singing Competition. This competition focused on a capoeiristas’ ability to sing capoeira songs, and was only open to non-native Portuguese speakers who don't have published music. Students and graduated members as high as the level of Professor could compete.

This being an Axé Capoeira event, only public domain songs and music composed by Mestre Barrão or members of the grupo were performed. Participants were judged in the areas of pronunciation, melody, cadence, energy, and crowd control, and bonus points were awarded for participants who wrote original songs.

Mestre Barrão opened the competition singing one of his new songs, O Som Da Minha Viola. You can listen to a recording of it on his YouTube channel here. There were a lot of great performances ranging from ladainhas to original quadras. Judging was tough and placement came down to a difference of a half of a point at times. The following are the results:


1st Place: Vinicius - Axé Capoeira Vancouver

2nd Place: Tigre - Axé Capoeira Calgary

3rd Place: Vitor - Axé Capoeira Vancouver


1st Place: Pirata - Axé Capoeira Vancouver

2nd Place: Lelinho - Axé Capoeira Vancouver

3rd Place: Lagartixa - Axé Capoeira Victoria


1st Place: Microfone - Axé Capoeira Puebla

2nd Place: Jacare - Axé Capoeira Vancover

3rd Place: Iuna - Axé Capoeira Arizona

Prior to the singing competition the weekend was filled with capoeira training and rodas. You can view them below courtesy of Axé Capoeira Toronto. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for everything Axé Capoeira.


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