Axé Capoeira Arizona in Hong Kong for Capoeira World Kid Tournament and CAPOFEST!


At the end of last month, Grupo Axé Capoeira Arizona hosted its 2017 Kid & Beginner Batizado. The weekend was jam packed with many capoeira workshops and rodas, as well as the 1st Axé Capoeira Arizona Kid Competition. The special guests of this event were Mestrando Tigrao (Calgary), Contra Mestre Camara (Tempe), Professor Bambu (Chicago), Instrutor Sombra (Tucson), and Graduado Pulga (Missisauga).

The focus of this event was on kid capoeiristas as well beginner level adult capoeira practitioners, allowing them to work more closely with the guest teachers and provide increased opportunity to play in the roda. The event started with workshops in both Tucson and Tempe on Thursday, followed by a street roda on Friday at Tempe Town Lake.

The 1st Axé Capoeira Arizona Kid Competition kicked off the event on Saturday where kids from the Tempe and Tucson competed in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions.

Beginner Division


1st Place: Lilah Hollister - Tucson, AZ

2nd Place: Anjali “Boneca” Green - Tucson, AZ

3rd Place: Katia Perez - Tucson, AZ

Intermediate Division


1st Place: Jenevieve Sepulveda - Tempe, AZ

2nd Place: Gavin “Calango” Green - Tucson, AZ

3rd Place: Amerie Sepulveda - Tempe, AZ

Advanced Division


1st Place: Marco “Tarzan” Romero - Tucson, AZ

2nd Place: Sam “Lua” Boetger - Tempe, AZ

3rd Place: Isaiah “Pexie” Ragland - Tucson, AZ


Because Marco won first place in the Advanced Division, he was invited to compete in MESTRE EDDY MURPHY'S World Kid Capoeira Tournament  and CAPOFEST in Macau! Join us in wishing him and his brother, Maxi, luck in their travels to Hong Kong today with their coach (Instrutor Sombra) and mom (Dina Scalone) as they participate in Axé Capoeira Macau's CAPOFEST! They'll be joined by Caima from Axé Capoeira Tempe as well as students and teachers from around the world. See the event guest list below.
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