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We're now accepting enrollment to our Capoeira MARTIAL-ARTS for KIDS program!! 

The goal of our Capoeira martial arts program is improve our students' overall physical fitness and self defense skills, while helping to build self confidence and overall character development.

Bring your kids, nephews, nieces, god-children, friends ages 5-12 yrs to have fun learning the fundamentals of Tucson Capoeira martial arts.

In these classes children will begin to learn the basics of Tucson Capoeira martial arts through games and exercises. Students will develop balance, motor skills, coordination, speed, strength and more. We also teach the language (Portuguese), culture, and music associated with traditional Capoeira as part of the curriculum.

Kid Capoeira Class Schedule

5:30PM - All-Levels Kid Capoeira

5:30PM - All-Levels Kid Capoeira

5:30PM - All-Levels Kid Capoeira

5:30PM - All-Level Kid Capoeira

11AM -  Family Capoeira Kid (Roda)

View our complete schedule HERE.  

Tucson Capoeira martial arts teaches techniques similar to traditional martial arts like Karate or Kung Fu. Common Capoeira martial arts techniques consist of the following:

  • kicks

  • sweeps

  • hand strikes

  • blocks

  • evasive movements

Axé Capoeira has a long history of working with children, and have performed for and taught children in schools, community centers, and Capoeira academies across the world.

The importance of Capoeira martial arts for children is not only in the historical and cultural aspect, but also in the physical qualities it helps develop; balance, motor coordination, speed, strength. It also helps to develop team building and character development..

Tucson Capoeira martial arts encourages discipline, helps to teach and instill the value of commitment, responsibility and self-confidence. In this way it help develop life skills of those who participate and become involved in the practice of Capoeira martial arts.

Involvement with Capoeira awakens the musical, physical, artistic and creative sides of the children who practice in this art form. Capoeira is one of the best ways for children to develop mind, body and strength. In addition to the benefits above, Capoeira martial arts helps to build a strong and positive character and personality through self-expression in a fun and playful environment.


Physical & Health Education

  • Cardio-vascular fitness

  • Complete body training

  • Improves motor coordination

  • Increases flexibility through stretching and breathing exercises

  • Improves stamina

  • Weight management

  • Learn healthy eating habits

Social and Emotional Health

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Builds character

  • Improves anger management skills

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Teaches patience, self-discipline and respect

  • Builds a sense of community

  • Increases attention

  • Learn goal-setting skills

Multi-Cultural Education

  • Introduction to the Portuguese language

  • Exposure to new cultural ideas, foods and traditions

  • Brazilian history

  • Exposure to traditional dances, songs and music

Music Education

  • Learn to play musical instruments

  • Singing

  • Learning traditional musical rhythms

  • Dance skills