What does it take to begin to get the benefits associated with capoeira martial art and dance training?

Axé Capoeira Tucson has a sequence of principles that help individuals understand movements through an attentive process. Capoeira is an exciting art-form and our instructors help guide students though our lesson plans with patient instruction and appropriate feedback.

Student experience in the academy is the best way to get all of the benefits capoeira has to offer. Attend classes anytime you want with our Unlimited Class Membership.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Unlimited Class Membership

  • Learn the basics of Capoeira movement
  • Increased cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility
  • Access to all beginner and mixed level capoeira martial arts and conditioning classes
  • Access to all music, dance and acrobatics classes when scheduled
  • Free access to private Axé Capoeira learning and informational resources

“Capoeira has something for everyone!”